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Seize the day and live up to your time

Number of readings: Release time: 2020-07-09 08:04:50

    Wen Shengyun, business manager of the third branch of Sales, overfulfilled the annual sales task half a year in advance and is the "absolute main force" of the sales team.。In the first half of the year, the newly signed contract amount of his Jinhua office has completed 118 of the annual target plan.07%, sales return has completed 62 percent of the annual target plan.20%, among the best in the branch。

    As the most dynamic economic growth belt in China, East China has always been a very competitive commercial core area。Jinhua, as a city with manufacturing industry as the main industrial economic growth support point, is more opportunities and challenges。Since Wen Shengyun served as the business manager of Jinhua Office in 2018, on the basis of original sales, he has continuously expanded sales channels, extensively searched for high-quality new customers, and finally made Jinhua market once in a downturn show vitality with excellent sales skills and willing to work hard。In 2019, he finished with 243.22% of the completion rate exceeded the annual target tasks of newly signed elevator contracts in advance, made outstanding contributions to the final completion of the annual target tasks of the branch, and was rated as "2019 advanced worker" by the company.。

    The more excellent people pay more attention to their own life planning, persistent pursuit of their own career Wen Shengyun is no exception。While doing a good job in daily sales, he also always pays attention to improving himself, constantly learning and making progress, actively drawing closer to the Party organization, and submitted an application to the Party organization on the Party's birthday。"Seize the day and live up to your time", he used his own struggle to enrich the youth, live up to the best years!

                                            Wen Shengyun at the project site                                             


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