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The company held the Double Ninth Festival in 2020

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      10On September 25, when the ninth day of the ninth lunar month "Double Ninth Festival", Guangxi Construction Engineering Group Construction Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. invited 39 representatives of retirees to participate in the 2020 Double Ninth Festival activities at Eight Li Base。Liang Fashen, chairman of the company and Secretary of the Party Committee, attended the event and delivered a speech, Yu Yaosen, deputy secretary of the Party Committee, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Committee and chairman of the trade union, presided over the symposium, and Qi Dashan, deputy general manager, introduced the company's future development plan。At home, members of the leadership team He Yixiang, Li Songkui, Wei Hongyun participated。

        Liang Fashen extended a warm welcome to the retirees,And on behalf of the company's party committee, the board of directors to all the company's retirees to send holiday greetings and good wishes,Thank them for their important contributions to the development of the company and long-term concern and support for the development of the company,And informed them of the company's reform and development in recent years。First, economic indicators are growing rapidly。In 2020, although the company is affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, the indicators such as the number of new contracts, production value, and total profit will fully exceed the tasks assigned by the group。Second, the quality of development has been comprehensively improved。Fully pay off the supplier's old accounts, so that the old accounts are fully cleared, the new accounts are not owed, and gradually solve the problems left over from history, the company has entered a good state of development。Third, management efficiency has been greatly improved。The company has made every effort to promote information construction, and while maintaining the continuous expansion of scale, its profitability has been significantly improved, and the average production cost of products has dropped by more than 4.5%, the average cost of raw material procurement is reduced by 5%.2%。Fourth, the driving force for development has significantly increased。By grasping science and technology, innovative products, the first "intelligent butler" in the country, further empowering the development of the company。Fifth, workers' gains have increased significantly。Since 2018, the annual increase of employee income has exceeded 38 percent.6%, mobilizing 20 million yuan to promote the construction of dilapidated housing reform projects, and the transformation and upgrading of Wuming production base and eight cari production base, and the factory appearance has taken on a new look。

        Liang Fashen said that he will continue to carry forward the fine tradition of hard work of the builders,Conscientiously implement the new system of the Group company,Take the initiative to adapt to new mechanisms and systems,Truth-seeking and pragmatic,Do real work,Manage by standard,Innovative development,We will promote corporate transformation and upgrading,Strive to build a modern enterprise with vigorous vitality,Become a "century-old store"。He hopes that everyone will continue to support and care about the development of the company, and put forward more valuable opinions and suggestions for the company's more brilliant future。

        Qishan introduced the company's future development planning from four aspects: internal and external environment, the "14th Five-Year Plan", key measures, and future development prospects。

        During the event, the representatives visited the machining workshop of the eight cari production base, the office area of the headquarters, the cultural experience hall, the staff library, and watched the company's development video。At the symposium, the representatives spoke freely and expressed admiration and satisfaction for the energetic, pragmatic and enterprising spirit of the new leadership of the company, felt happy and proud of the rapid development of the company in recent years, and felt encouraged and excited about the company's new appearance。They said that after the end of the activity, we should tell the old comrades who did not come to participate in the activity today to see and hear, and in the future, we should continue to care about the construction and development of the company, give full play to the waste heat, actively offer suggestions, and work together to promote the high-quality development of the company。

    (Zhao Hongcai)

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