Corporate culture

Let's see what the corporate culture room looks like

Number of readings: Release time: 2020-10-29 08:28:02

       Recently, the company is holding a "smart building machine.Smart service"2020During the new product exchange, the company culture experience Hall was opened to the outside world, which instantly attracted the attention of the majority of customers and suppliers。

    It is understood,The company's cultural experience hall covers an area of more than 300 square meters,It is divided into four parts: enterprise culture exhibition area, smart Butler data center, 4D+VR experience center, and 3D product animation exhibition area,It shows the development of the company from 1958 to 2020,The colors in the exhibition hall are composed of modern white, construction blue and science and technology blue,Integrating industry and technology。

    Let's enter the company culture experience hall, feel the corporate culture......

    Experience Hall 1.jpg

    Cultural Experience Hall entrance

    Experience Hall 2.jpg

    Experience Hall 3.jpg

    Experience Hall 4.jpg

    Experience Hall 6.jpg

    Visit the Cultural Experience Hall _ Copy.jpg

    Interior view of cultural experience Hall