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The Party committee of the company organized a collective viewing to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China

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    71On the same day, the Party committee of the company organized the majority of party members and workers in the eight carp and Wuming production base to watch and listen to the founding of the Communist Party of China100Live broadcast of annual general meeting。Company Party secretary, chairman Liang Fashen, deputy Party secretary, general manager Qiu Fangliang and members of the leadership Yu Yaosen, He Yixiang, Wei Hongyun, lacquer Mountain participated in the centralized viewing。

    Watch the scene

    Headquarters watch the scene

    Wuming base to watch the scene

    Everyone said,It was very exciting to watch today,在今后的工作中将深入学习贯彻习近平总书记在大会上的重要讲话精神,Do not forget the original intention, spare no effort, responsibility,Build up the image of party members,Give full play to the role of party members,Add color to the party flag,Strive to make new and greater contributions to the high-quality development of the company。

    All Party members and active party members of the company, middle-level and above management personnel of the headquarters, and managers above the level of managers of branches and business departments are about300Human viewing。

    Li Ying and Deng Tao