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Guangxi construction machine to sign a million tons of steel tower galvanizing business

Number of readings: Post time: 2022-11-08 10:24:56


     11On October 7, Guangxi Construction Engineering Group Construction Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. successfully signed the galvanized processing business of over 10,000 tons of steel structures such as power towers。

    Signing ceremony site (Retouching).jpg

    Signing ceremony site

    The successful signing of the steel tower galvanizing business,It is the general tone of the company to adhere to steady operation and seek progress in stability,On the basis of doing fine tower crane, elevator main business,Give full play to the advantages of existing production factor resources,Actively change the strain,Actively expand the "two new and one extension" field of business,We will continue to optimize industrial distribution,New breakthroughs have been made in enhancing resilience to risks。

    Gantry crane production site (retouching).jpg

    Gantry frame production site

    Galvanized finished product (retouching).jpg

    Galvanized finished product

    It is understood that since April this year, the company has given full play to the advantages of mastering the core technology of galvanizing, adhering to quality, implementing differentiated management, and winning high recognition from customers with superior product quality and service to the national standard。其中,In cooperation with Guangxi Trading Group highway guardrail galvanized,The company stands out from the competition with product quality and service,Successful conclusion of long-term cooperation agreement,The field of cooperation will be expanded to benchmarking, gantry frame and other series of highway protection facilities manufacturing and galvanized processing,Scale up quickly,Seize the market,Build a brand,It also lays a solid foundation for expanding steel structure manufacturing and galvanizing business in wider fields such as power towers。

    (Zinc Manufacturing Division, General Office)