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[Science and technology empowerment] The outstanding contribution of Guangxi Construction machinery to scientific and technological innovation in 2022 was praised by the SASAC of the autonomous region

Number of readings: Release time: 2023-02-02 08:30:44

    Recently, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the autonomous region issued a notice praising2022 annual scientific and technological innovation outstanding contribution enterprises,Guangxi Construction Engineering Group construction machinery manufacturing Co., LTD作为"National specialized special new 'little giant' enterprise" Outstanding contribution to scientific and technological innovation in 2022 was praised。

    1.Screenshot of commendation document (jigsaw retouch 650X307).jpg 

    Screenshot of commendation list

    The country is specialized and new"Little Giant" is carried out according to the requirements of the relevant documents of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the State and selected a group of long-term focus on market segments, strong innovation ability, high market share, master key core technology, quality and efficiency of the leading enterprises, but also the highest level of the evaluation of small and medium-sized enterprises in the country, the most authoritative honorary title。

    In recent years, driven by scientific and technological empowerment, the company's innovation ability has been greatly improved, market development has become more stable, and production efficiency has been significantly improvedThe new development pattern of "small giant" enterprises with "specialization, refinement, specialty and novelty" has achieved remarkable results in high-quality development driven by scientific and technological innovation, and has been recognized and affirmed by the industry。

    First, build a platform to support innovation and raise the level of innovation。Continue to integrate superior resources,To build the autonomous region enterprise technology center, research and development center and engineering research center three scientific and technological innovation support platforms,And use it as a vehicle for innovation,It has established industry-university-research strategic cooperative relations with Harbin Institute of Technology, China Special Equipment Testing and Research Institute, University of Electronic Science and Technology, Guangxi University, Guilin University of Technology, Guangxi Water Conservancy and Electric Power Technical College and other professional high-end colleges and universities,Focus on the research and development of new products, technological innovation, and cutting-edge key technologies of construction lifting equipment,Research topic"Research and development and industrial application of key technologies for intelligent control and management of large and super-large tower lifting equipment" has been included in the "14th Five-Year Plan for Science and Technology Innovation in Guangxi", and the ranking of top 100 Guangxi high-tech enterprises in 2022 has jumped 16 places。

    2.The company built the autonomous region enterprise technology center, R & D center and engineering research center (jigsaw redrawing size 650X420).jpg 

    Company buildingAutonomous region enterprise technology center, research and development center and engineering research center

    Second, we will deepen the protection and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and intensively introduce new technologies and products。In the past two years, deep digging technical highlights, a total of patents accepted, soft233项,Among them, there are 15 software Copyrights,72 invention patents,132 patents granted;Successfully developed and launched a series of intelligent tower cranes, intelligent construction lifts and other new products 43,Upgrade and launch 18 types of N-series tower cranes and intelligent construction lifts,Among them, 9 products were rated as the most influential products in the industry and Guangxi famous industrial products;The innovation first introduced seven new technologies such as frequency conversion intelligent control and manned no-climb,Leading the industry development;Overcome 9 technologies such as accurate positioning and smooth lifting of tower cranes,Provide comprehensive solutions for prefabricated buildings and tall, large and difficult projects,Service dual carbon strategy development goal;The company has been awarded the Autonomous region technology innovation demonstration enterprise, the autonomous region intellectual property advantage enterprise, China construction machinery product innovation enterprise, Guangxi Industrial leading enterprise, Guangxi strategic emerging industry enterprise, Guangxi manufacturing single champion demonstration enterprise and other heavy honors。

    3.Invention patents and utility model patents obtained by the company (jigsaw redrawing size 650X285).jpg 

    The invention patents and utility model patents obtained by the company

    4.New products launched by the company (Jigsaw Retouch 650X445).jpg 

    The company launched a new product

    The third is to strengthen standardization construction and enhance the voice of the industry。Standard construction work is carried out with the working idea of "using standards, setting standards and pushing standards",In the past three years, on the basis of participating in the compilation of four national standards, he undertook the editing work of two Guangxi engineering construction group standards, "Safety Technical Regulations for Building Tower Cranes against typhoons" and "Safety Technical Regulations for attached lifting scaffolding",Accumulated experience of editor-in-chief standard through the implementation of editor-in-chief standard,Constantly enhance the company's industry voice,The company's "product driven standards go out" has become a practice case in the field of advantages of the new path of internationalization of Guangxi engineering construction standards。

    5.The company participated in the compilation of national standards (jigsaw retouch 650X247).jpg 

    The company participated in the compilation of national standards

    6.The company issued the first heavy machinery China-Europe train in Guangxi (jigsaw correction 650X225).jpg 

    The company opened the first Guangxi heavy machinery China-Europe freight train

    The fourth is to implement the intelligent upgrade of the base, improve quality and efficiency and expand capacity。Deep integration"Green + smart" innovative technology,Systematically promote the digital and intelligent manufacturing upgrading of production bases,Achieve process change and process reengineering,Gradually build the eight I and Wuming two bases into a modern production base of process layout unit, core parts production process linearization, key structural parts welding automation, process control information,The company has been awarded "Guangxi Digital Workshop" and "Guangxi Smart Factory Demonstration Enterprise".。

    7.The company was rated as Guangxi digital workshop, Guangxi smart factory demonstration enterprise (jigsaw 650X435).jpg 

    The company was rated as Guangxi digital workshop,Guangzhou smart factory demonstration enterprise


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