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[Brand power] Guangxi Construction Cluster Tower to help Nanning "smart eco-city" construction

Number of readings: Release time: 2023-05-17 08:29:24

    Early summer flowers, green shade such as the sea, the motherland in southern Xinjiang pearl-- The Trading City and East Courtyard project group on the north side of Nanning Park Expo Park, capital of Guangxi, stands tall.Guangxi Construction Engineering Group construction machinery manufacturing Co., LTDThe tower crane is running in a tense and orderly manner。

    Nanning Investment East Hospital project site (retouching).jpg 

    Trading city·东院Project site

    Trading city· Dongyuan is the headquarters base in Nanning City重点工程The whole countryThe smart eco-city invested by the top 500 state-owned enterprises in Guangxi, China Railway First Bureau joined the construction, and the 18 main buildings of the project were constructed at the same time, creating a demonstration and observation project of high standard construction safety production and quality management standardization in Guangxi。

    Company tower crane at the project site (retouching).jpg 

    Company tower crane at the project site

    In the process of project construction, the construction side selected the accumulation of more than 60 years of experience in the research and development and manufacturing of special equipment, and obtained one of the four major manufacturers of the first national construction machinery manufacturing production license。

    The new generation of Guangxi construction machine tower crane, inherited the traditional enterprise design standards, strictly according to1.5 times dead load factor, 1.3 times dynamic load factor (higher than 1.25、1.1 of the national standard coefficient) and coastal wind pressure standards for design;Product Steel structure main chord Q460 or Q355B high performance steel, equipped with intelligentAnti-collision, anti-slip hook, anti-swingIt has the advantages of high intelligence, high safety and high stability, and effectively helps the construction side to build a safe production in the project group tower operation

    Operation management department